Hi, I'm Liza, a twenty-something journalist & PhD student living in one of the most exciting cities in the world. London and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary this year, and I still can't get enough of it, as you'll probably notice if you scroll through my posts (which I hope you'll do!). 

After blogging in different formats and under different domains since my teens, I set up Liza in London in 2011 (shortly after moving here) with the aim of documenting my experiences of studying abroad and reaching out to other actual and potential expats. During the years, I've had a lot of fun and met many new friends through blogging. I've also had the privilege of collaborating with numerous lovely people and brands, even blogging under a portal for a while.

Until now, I've been mostly writing in Finnish - but fear not, I'll be publishing separate English posts  in near future. Meanwhile, the posts tagged with 'English' do exactly what it says on the tin: feature English translations.

Want to say hi or collaborate with Liza in London? Feel free to leave a comment under any of my posts, or send a message to lizainlondon[@]gmail.com (just remember to remove the brackets). I'm looking forward to hearing from you!